Criminal business law offences

Police custody and hearings

Investigation and Instruction

Internal investigations

Criminal negotiations

Defense of incarcerated persons

RIFT advises, assists and represents individuals prosecuted for criminal business law offenses such as tax fraud, money laundering, receiving stolen goods, corruption or illegal interest taking.

The firm assists its clients in all phases of the criminal proceedings, from the initial investigations to the trial, including police custody and interrogations, both at the investigation stage and at trial.

The firm also handles negotiations with the public prosecutor's office when a plea of guilty (CRPC) or a judicial agreement in the public interest (CJIP) is possible.

RIFT also intervenes in the framework of internal investigations of companies.


Advice and tax optimization

Regularization of tax situations

Tax audits


Criminal defense of taxpayers

RIFT advises its clients in the realization of their project. It informs them on the tax consequences of the operations envisaged such as the creation or investment in a company, a real estate operation or a donation.

The firm assists both individuals and companies in the development of an optimized tax strategy.

The firm also assists its clients in their relationship with the tax authorities, in particular in the context of requests for information, tax audits or spontaneous regularization of assets with the tax authorities before repatriation of assets located abroad.

For taxpayers prosecuted for tax fraud and tax laundering, the firm can negotiate with the public prosecutor's office or ensure the criminal defense of the taxpayers depending on the possible defenses and the chosen strategy.

RIFT represents and defends its clients in their litigation with the tax authorities before administrative and judicial courts.


Trademark registration

Patent registration

Audit of patent portfolios

Infringement actions


Invalidity actions

Actions for reclamation

RIFT is involved in intellectual property, both in consulting and in litigation.

As counsel, the firm assists start-ups in the development of a legal protection strategy adapted to their activity. In particular, the firm carries out availability searches for trademarks and their registration.

The firm also assists its clients in the audit of patent portfolios, in particular in the context of business acquisitions. This audit consists in particular of verifying the validity of each of the patents, the technologies effectively protected by them and the geographical areas where these patents are in force.

In addition, the firm is involved in litigation, both as plaintiff and defendant, assisting its clients before the civil and criminal courts. RIFT assists its clients in particular in the context of infringement actions, seizure of goods for infringement or actions for invalidation of an intellectual property title.

The firm also assists inventors in the context of claims for damages.